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Getting Started with Your NEXC1

Onboarding Your NEXC1

Get the best driving experience by setting up the NEXC1 to the Nexar app



Before anything else

The Nexar app connects to the dash cam through Bluetooth and WIFI. Please make sure there are no other WIFI networks in the area, and that VPNs, hotspots, and antivirus apps are disabled to avoid having issues during the app and dash cam setup.

Once the initial setup is complete, the dash cam will stream and save drive recordings to your phone so you can watch, trim, or share these videos later.

 Important reminder

The Nexar app works best with a compatible phone and a phone number that is registered in a supported country. Please note that wireless Carplay and Android Auto are not compatible to be used with Nexar while driving as these can interfere with the connection between the app and dash cam. VPNs, hotspots, and antivirus apps should also be disabled to avoid any connection issues when driving.


Onboarding Your NEXC1

1  Download the Nexar app

      iconapp-store.png App Store iconplaystore.png Play Store

Connect the mount and cable

Attach the mount to the camera, making sure it clicks into place. Then, plug the mount's power cable to the POWER port. Plug the power cable to the mount's power port, then to the car charger.

3  Power on the dash cam

Insert the charger into the car's power outlet. You will know it is receiving power when the charger's blue light is on.

4  Open the Nexar app

Follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure that the phone's cellular data, WIFI, Bluetooth, and Location are enabled. 

5  Mount the dash cam and tuck the cable

Remove the protective film on the camera lens. Check the camera view on the Nexar app and position it where you have a full, clear view of the camera. Peel off the backing plastic from the adhesive, then firmly attach the camera to the windshield.

6  Hide the cable

Use the installation tool and cable clips provided with the dash cam to hide and secure the cable around the windshield.   

You're all set! Start driving safely!


Having trouble onboarding your phone?

Use our troubleshooting instructions for Nexar NEXC1 to help in case you get into a bumpy road.


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