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Nexar One Features

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Get ready for an exclusive experience with your Nexar One dash cam! Unlock unique Nexar One features that will take your driving to the next level. Are you excited to explore the full potential of your Nexar One? Let's dive in!

4K Resolution

4K Resolution produces ultra-high definition videos that allow you to see the smallest details such as license plate numbers day or night, which is critical if you need evidence in case of incidents or when you want to capture that beautiful sunset. 

Set up 4K recording quality

By default, the Nexar One dash cam records and streams videos to your phone in Full HD 1080p. If you want your Nexar One to record in 4K quality, simply follow these steps: 

  1. Connect your Nexar one to a power source and enable Bluetooth and WIFI
  2. Open your Nexar app and wait until the phone connects to your Nexar One
  3. Go to More > Dash cam > Recording quality > toggle on 4K 
  4. The Nexar One will automatically record your next drives in 4K to the internal memory

Please note, that recording in 4K resolution will use 4 times as much storage in your Nexar One. Recording a 1-minute of video at 1080p uses 100MB of storage while the same clip at 4K uses about 300MB of storage in the Nexar app and your Nexar One's internal memory.

Additionally, the 4K quality configuration in the Nexar One downgrades the video streaming (caching) quality to 720p. 1080p quality will keep the video streaming (caching) quality at 1080p as well, which is our recommended setting.

Viewing 4K videos

In case you configured your Nexar One to record in 4K quality, the footage will be saved on Nexar One’s internal memory in 4K. To retrieve the 4K video in the Nexar app, you will need to create a clip while you are nearby and connected to Nexar One's network over WiFi and Bluetooth.

Follow the steps below to create a 4K clip from the Nexar One to the Nexar app:

  1. Connect your Nexar One to a power source
  2. The blue led indicator light should be solid
  3. Make sure your WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled
  4. Open the Nexar app and pick the relevant drive
  5. Press the Save to cloud button, 4K label will be shown
  6. Trim and save the clip

After clicking the Save clip button, you will be directed to the Videos tab and see the progress of the video file transfer. Wait until the video file transfer is complete. 

When the video is successfully transferred to the Nexar app, you will be able to see it as a Clip in the Videos tab.

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Nexar Connect

Nexar One’s most advanced features are powered by the Nexar Connect subscription.

Activating your Nexar Connect subscription

Before anything else:

  • Make sure that you are near the Nexar One and connected
  • You should have the +Connectivity add-on already attached to your Nexar One dash cam

If you don’t a +Connectivity add-on, you can purchase one and activate your Nexar Connect account later.

Then, proceed to the following steps. 

  1. Go to the MyNexar portal
  2. Enter the phone number that you use to log in to your Nexar app account
  3. Enter the 6-digit SMS verification code that is sent to your phone
  4. Choose the +Connectivity subscription you wish to activate 
  5. Enter your personal and credit card information 
  6. Once done, you will be redirected back to the Nexar app
I can't activate my Nexar Connect subscription

Here's what you need to do:

  • Turn off the Nexar One
  • Disconnect the +Connectivity add-on
  • Re-connect the +Connectivity add-on on the right side
  • Power on the Nexar One and try completing the subscription again

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Nexar Connect is created to provide users peace of mind 24/7 and allow your Nexar One to do the following:

Remote Live Streaming

With the Remote Livestream feature, you can conveniently view the exterior camera in real-time, even when you're not behind the wheel. Simply open the Nexar app and experience the road camera view for up to 2 minutes.

Remote Stream is not working

The Live Stream button will be shown when you are not connected to the Nexar One, over WiFi and Bluetooth, and if you have a +Connectivity add-on with an active Nexar Connect subscription.

Clicking the Live button wakes up your Nexar One and allows you to stream while the car is parked and the dash cam is off. 

We recommend checking the following first before trying to use the remote stream feature:

  • Nexar One has been charged for at least 20 minutes

  • Nexar One is connected to power using all the Nexar-provided accessories
  • Your Nexar Connect subscription is active. You can check this from the Nexar App > More > Account.

  • Your phone is connected to a stable WIFI or cellular data connection

  • Your car is parked in a location with good cellular reception

After that, do the following to refresh the +Connectivity add-on:

  1. Disconnect the Nexar One from the power source and wait until the light on the dash cam turns off

  2. Detach and reattach the +Connectivity add-on to the right side of Nexar One

  3. Plug the Nexar One to its power source

After refreshing the Connectivity add-on, follow these next steps:

  1. Temporarily disable your phone's WiFi and Bluetooth settings

  2. Enable your phone's cellular data

  3. Open the Nexar app and tap on Live

  4. The remote stream may take up to a minute and a half to load

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Emergency Streaming Alerts

If you are ever in a collision or get pulled over by police, the Nexar app will send an SMS alert to your emergency contacts telling them that you need help. It will show your location and a link to live stream your Nexar One’s view in real-time. 

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Set up Emergency Contacts

Keep your colleagues, friends, or loved ones informed if something happens while you are driving by adding them to your Nexar account as emergency contacts. 

Adding an emergency contact
  1. On the Nexar app, go to More > Account > Emergency Contacts
  2. Enable the Contacts permission
  3. Tap on Add a Contact
  4. You can choose up to 10 people from your phone contacts
Deleting an emergency contact
  1. On the Nexar app, go to More > Account > Emergency Contacts
  2. Click the trash can icon beside the contact you want to remove

If you have more than one Nexar One dash cam, you only need to add/delete Emergency contacts once. Changes will be applied to all your Nexar One dash cams.


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