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Why is Nexar requesting permission to use other services and features on my phone?

Nexar requires your permission in order to access the basic services and features, available on your smartphone, to provide you with the best service possible. These basic services (e.g. the inbuilt camera, and location services) provide accurate and essential information, such as the geographic location, direction and the speed your vehicle was traveling at the time of the incident, needed for creating a Nexar Collision Report.

The camera and media features are needed to record and store this information correctly.

The sensors are used to provide the most accurate information in case of incidents and collisions.

In addition, under Location Services, you must also enable the "Always" setting to ensure that the Nexar Autostart feature works correctly.

Is any of my information shared?

We believe that you have the right to your privacy. It is because we are well aware that your privacy is important to you, that we want to clarify our position on this matter.

You are the owner of your data.  

Nexar will never share any data belonging to an individual user with a 3rd party, without that person having authorized or requested this first.

Nexar will never track individuals or allow 3rd parties to use the Nexar system to violate the privacy of our individual users.

Nexar will never allow the Nexar mobility network to be used as a digital panopticon for the monitoring of individuals, or to be used by law enforcement or any other group or organization, in a way that would contravene the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Nexar fully complies with all legal requirements. However, our network is deliberately constructed in a way that will not allow it to be used by government-sanctioned tools for the purpose of tracking and locating individuals.

Nexar vows to protect user privacy within the network. To ensure this policy, we have based our network on built-in anonymization systems purposely designed to prevent and deter any breach of privacy.

Should you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss this issue further, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. If you would like to check out our Privacy Policy, you can read it here.

What type of data is being captured and how will you ensure my privacy?

Nexar’s app-based platform collects several types of data, such as video and GPS information, but it does not collect information about other vehicles or individuals on the road around you. This data helps us provides you with safety tools and other benefits, exclusively available to Nexar drivers. The compiled data is completely anonymized before it is used to create the smart mobility tools that make our roads safer.

What does Nexar do with the data it captures?

Nexar’s AI platform uses data, such as videos and images of roads and their surroundings, to create a connected network –preventing collisions in real-time –keeping drivers, passengers and pedestrians safe. This platform could also use this data to manage traffic more efficiently, reducing congestion, pollution emissions, and saving energy.

Nexar’s technology has a level of sophistication capable of automating intersections, eliminating the need for traffic lights. When the system recognizes that pedestrians are about to cross a road, for example, it alerts cars to adjust their speed accordingly.

Does the Nexar app provide any of this data to the U.S. federal government or law enforcement?

Nexar does not voluntarily share any information with federal or government law enforcement agencies.

Does Nexar provide any of this data to my insurance company?

Without first receiving your explicit consent, Nexar will not share any of your information with an insurance company.

If you are using Nexar as part of an offer from your insurance company, or as a part of your policy requirements, you might be asked to share a Nexar Collision Report with your insurer at your discretion.

Full Privacy Policy

Click here to see Nexar's full privacy policy. 

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