1-Click Report™

If you were in a collision you can choose to send a report to your insurance company, or email it to yourself (or anyone else) using our 1-Click Report™ feature.

This new summary report includes four crucial pieces of information: your speed at the time of the collision, force of impact, your location and a video clip of the incident. This can be used to make your insurance claims process easily and immediately.

How to generate a 1-Click Report™:

  1. On the Nexar app homepage, tap on the Clips button to enter the Clips History page
  2. On the Clips History page, tap on the Clip of the incident you wish to report
  3. For iPhone users: Tap on "Report" button. For Android users: Tap on the three dots button on the top right and then tap on "Report"
  4. Tap on Next, the choose how you would like to share your report 
  5. After choosing your way of sharing, an instant email containing a PDF link will be sent. Scroll down to see an example

Here is an example of the email you will get:



Here is an example of the PDF you will receive: 



Here’s to hoping you won’t need to use this feature (but in case you do, we are here). 

Drive safely,

The Nexar Team

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