Accessing Your Videos from the Nexar Cloud

The Nexar Cloud is where your rides get synced using Nexar’s cloud storing it all online for you. This way, your videos are stored forever without taking up space on your phone. Read on to see how to access and which rides are saved to the cloud automatically. 

Accessing cloud-saved videos

From the Nexar app

Cloud-saved videos are accessible through the Nexar app. Cloud-saved videos are indicated by a cloud icon with a checkmark and is found on the bottom left side of the video’s thumbnail.


Note that when you delete any videos from the Nexar app, they will also be deleted from the Nexar Cloud. So make sure you’re only deleting the videos you don’t need.

To access cloud-saved videos from the app (This option is only for Nexar One with +Connectivity Add-on):

  1. Make sure your phone has internet access. This can be done by connecting to your home/office WiFi or by enabling your phone’s cellular data.
  2. Open the Nexar app
  3. Tap the Videos tab
  4. Choose the Clip you want to watch or share

From the Nexar Cloud

This option is only available for Nexar Pro, Beam, NEXC1, NEXC2, and NEXS1 dash cams. Cloud-saved videos for Nexar One can be accessed through the Nexar app. See the instructions above.

  1. The first step is to click here
  2. Enter your phone number (the same one you used for signing into Nexar)
  3. Enter the SMS verification code
  4. Tap MY RIDES to view uploaded drive clips 
  5. View your rides

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What is uploaded to the Cloud?

  1. Automatic Clips: Short videos of dangerous incidents. Dangerous incidents are events where the app or dash cam’s sensors detect impacts such as hard brakes, sudden stops or turns, collisions, and the like. These incidents are automatically created by the Nexar app or Nexar One dash cam and are uploaded immediately to the Nexar Cloud, in full HD quality, over 4G or +Connectivity (in Nexar One dash cams) as soon as an event is created. 
  2. Manual Clips: When you want to save a particular portion of the drive, you can use the Nexar app to trim a portion of the recording so it can be backed up to the Nexar Cloud in full HD quality. Manual Clips are uploaded from the Nexar app to the Nexar Cloud via WiFi connection or by using your phone’s cellular data if enabled.
    Nexar One dash cams can also use the +Connectivity to upload the clip to the cloud so long as your phone is connected to the dash cam via WiFi during Clip creation and upload.

In order to back up your Drives from your Nexar One dash cam, or want to upload HD quality Drives to the Nexar Cloud, you can create a Clip from the Drives that were saved to the Nexar app.
The reason that Nexar One drives are not uploaded to the cloud automatically is that we realize that many drives are irrelevant to save and just take up space, but the Clips are the rides that we want to save.

Please note that creating and uploading long Clips can take a long time to process and consume a large amount of data when uploading. 

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Downloading Cloud-saved videos

From the Nexar app

Make sure your phone has a strong and steady internet connection, preferably WiFi, so as not to use too much cellular data and go to the Videos tab on the Nexar app. Tap the clip you want to download and then share. You can choose to Share as File and wait for the download to finish. This will save the Clip to your phone’s storage and can be played offline too.

From the Nexar Cloud

This option is only available for Nexar Pro, Beam, NEXC1, NEXC2, and NEXS1 dash cams.


Go to the Cloud and enter your phone number. A code will be sent by SMS. Enter the code and tap MY INCIDENTS. You can locate the clip you want to download using the handy filters on the left-hand side. Tap the 3 dots on the right side of the clip thumbnail and tap Download Video.

Please note: If you wish to retrieve a full drive that is older than 2 months, you will need to contact support for them to help you retrieve the video.

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How to stop iOS from backing up Nexar to my iCloud account?

Nexar automatically opens personal cloud accounts for every user that registers to the Nexar app. Therefore, there is no need to back up your drives to your personal iCloud account. 

If your iPhone is backing up Nexar to your iCloud account, please follow the instructions below to stop it immediately: 

  1. Go to iPhone settings 
  2. Tap on your profile name
  3. Tap iCloud, then iCloud backup
  4. Choose the device you want to backup
  5. Scroll down, tap show all apps
  6. Turn OFF Nexar


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