The Nexar Cloud

What is the Nexar Cloud?

This is where your rides get synced using Nexar’s cloud storing it all online for you. This way, your videos are stored forever without taking up space on your phone.

How do I access the Nexar Cloud?

  1. The first step is to click here.
  2. Enter your phone number (the same one you used for signing into Nexar)
  3. Enter the SMS verification code. 
  4. View your rides

What is uploaded to the Cloud?

  1. Clips: 40-second clips of dangerous incidents that are created automatically or manually. Events are uploaded immediately to the Nexar Cloud, in full HD quality over 4G as soon as an event is created. Click here to see how clips are created.
  2. Drives (full rides): Drives are uploaded to the Nexar Cloud, on a best effort basis, in time-lapse format when you connect to a WiFi network and have the Nexar App running in the background.

Please note: Nexar guarantees to upload Clips to the Nexar Cloud, however, Drives are uploaded on a best effort basis depending on your WiFi connectivity and storage. This means that Nexar can't guarantee that all your full drives will be uploaded successfully to the Cloud.

How do I download the video from my rides?

  1. Go to the Cloud
  2. Log in with your phone number - you will get a text message with a code
  3. Enter the code
  4. Search the video by date and time
  5. Tap on the required video to get to the video player
  6. Once in the video player, hover over the video and click to download 2 minute segments from your video
    Please note: if you wish to retrieve a full drive that is older than 2 months, you will need to contact support for them to help you retrieve the video.

How to stop iOS from backing up Nexar to my iCloud account?

Nexar automatically opens personal cloud accounts for every user that registers to the Nexar app. Therefore, there is no need to back up your drives to your personal iCloud account. If your iPhone is backing up Nexar to your iCloud account, please follow the instructions below to stop it immediately: 

Open the phone settings -> Tap on your profile -> iCloud -> iCloud backup -> Choose the device you want to backup -> Scroll down, tap show all apps -> Turn OFF Nexar
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