About Nexar

Our mission is to create the world’s first safe-driving network. When you pair a Nexar-powered dash cam with the Nexar app, you join a network that uses artificial intelligence to detect road hazards and then alerts other drivers in the surrounding area.

Nexar was founded in 2015 by Eran Shir, a serial entrepreneur, and Bruno Fernandez-Ruiz, formerly Senior Fellow at Yahoo!. We are backed by world-class investors such as Aleph, Mosaic, Slow, True, Alibaba, Ibex, Nationwide Insurance, and GE Ventures.

Nexar is the world’s first AI dash-cam App which continuously records the road in front of you, so you have evidence in case something happens. Nexar automatically detects and records dangerous events on the road, such as hard brakes and collisions so you'll have recorded evidence right on your personal phone. 

When using the Nexar app, you’ll notice two categories - “Drives” and “Clips.” Drives are exactly as they sound  - they are recent recordings of your full drives. At the end of every drive, you’ll see a screen that summarizes the drive - it will include a video, a map of the drive, and start and stop times of the drive.

The Nexar dash cam captures a 40-second clip of an incident or collision (20 seconds before and after the event) which is automatically saved to the cloud, for free, while the full drives are saved locally on your mobile device in the Nexar App.

We have also the Nexar 1-Click Report™! This feature allows you to gather important evidence immediately after a collision, which you can choose to send to your insurer to make claims faster and easier. Get proof of what happened easily and quickly!

When you use Nexar, you join a community of drivers all trying to get home safely. As more people use Nexar, you'll get more information about the road ahead, helping all of us stay safer. 

Additionally, we are continuously releasing new features.

Stay tuned!

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