What's special about the Nexar dash cam?

The Nexar dash cam is much more than a regular dash cam. Here are some examples:

  1. The dash cam and app auto detect dangerous events (like a hard brake). The dash cam captures a clip of 40 seconds of an incident or collision (20 seconds before and after the event) which is automatically saved to the cloud, for free.
  2. The dash cam records your full ride and uploads it to the Nexar Cloud on a best effort basis when connected through WiFi.
  3. We have the Nexar 1-Click Report™! This feature allows you to gather important evidence immediately after a collision, which you can choose to send to your insurer to make claims faster and easier. Get proof of what happened easily and quickly!
  4. You are joining a community of drivers who want to make the roads safer. 

We are continuously releasing new features, stay tuned!

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