How to pair your Nexar Powered Dash Cam - Android Device


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This article explains how to pair your dash cam to your Android device.


Connect your dash cam to a power source

Please make sure your dash cam is connected to a power source and that it’s receiving power. Make sure both green & blue lights are visible. Important note: If the WiFi indicator (the blue light) is not flashing, quickly push the power button on the bottom of the camera twice to turn on the WiFi connection. 




Enable the WiFi

Next, please make sure that your WiFi is enabled.

To enable your WiFi, scroll down from the top of your screen and tap on the WiFi icon.




Pair your dash cam 

  1. Open the Nexar App
  2. Tap the More button
  3. Tap ‘Settings’
  4. Tap 'External Camera’ > Follow the Pairing Flow 
  5. Tap the Drive button to view check your connection and view the dash cam footage.


After successfully pairing the dash cam with your Android device, the Nexar app will open on your device’s screen.

Tap the yellow car icon to begin recording your drive.

  • Important note: To make sure that the footage you’re seeing on your device’s screen is coming from the dash cam, and not from the device’s built-in camera, hold your Android device still and move your dash cam around (from side to side).

If are seeing the live feed of your phone’s camera, please click here for our troubleshooting guide.

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