Pairing Your Dash Cam with an Android Phone

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Pairing Guide

Before you start pairing your dash cam, please make sure that your Android is within reach and you have connected the dash cam to a power source by plugging the provided charging cable into the USB car charger.

Nexar requires your location permission to be set to 'All the time' in order to maintain the most reliable app experience. Click here for more information.

  1. Please make sure your WiFi, Location and Bluetooth are enabled. To enable them, scroll down from the top of your screen and tap on the WiFi, Location and Bluetooth icons.
  2. Open the Nexar App
  3. Tap the 'More' button
  4. Tap 'Settings'
  5. Tap 'External Camera' > Follow the Pairing Flow 

You are all set! To make sure your app starts recording your rides automatically, please watch this short video.

Troubleshooting steps for improper pairing

One of the most common problems is entering a password when trying to pair your Android phone with the Nexar dash cam. It leads to disconnections and video streaming interruptions. Watch the video below to learn how to fix the issue and pair properly. 


Are you still having trouble?

Contact us through the Nexar app and a support agent will be in touch with you shortly.

Nexar > More > Settings > Contact us

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