Pairing to your Nexar dash cam: Android

This article explains how to pair your dash cam to your Android device.

Click here if you have an iPhone

Please make sure your dash cam is connected to a power source before you start pairing.  

Enable the WiFi

Please make sure that your WiFi is enabled.

To enable your WiFi, scroll down from the top of your screen and tap on the WiFi icon. 


 Pair your dash cam 

  1. Open the Nexar App
  2. Tap the More button
  3. Tap ‘Settings
  4. Tap 'External Camera’ > Follow the Pairing Flow 

After successfully pairing the dash cam with your Android device, the live feed from the Nexar dash cam will open on your device’s screen.

If are seeing the live feed of your phone’s camera, please click here for our troubleshooting guide.

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