Pairing Multiple Dash Cams to One Phone

Some Nexar users may have more than one car in the family, and they get a separate Nexar dash cam for each vehicle. This is why the Nexar app is designed to allow you to switch between dash cams smoothly. 


Pairing multiple dash cams to an iPhone

This option is not available for iPhones at the moment. In order to pair a different dash cam to the app, you will need to unpair the current dash cam first.  Follow these steps:
  1. Open the Nexar app
  2. Go to More > Dash cam > Pair a different dash cam
  3. Tap Continue to unpair
  4. Plug the second dash cam into a power source
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair the other dash cam to your phone


Pairing multiple dash cams to an Android phone

After pairing the first camera, please make sure it’s disconnected from its power source so you won’t have any WIFI interferences while pairing the second dash cam.

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Plug the second dash cam into a power source
  2. Make sure the dash cam’s indicator lights are on 
  3. Turn on your phone’s WIFI, Location, and Bluetooth
  4. Open the Nexar app
  5. Go to More > Dash cams > Tap Add another camera and follow the on-screen instructions
  6. The app will tell you to push a button twice on your dash cam as specified below:
    1. For Nexar Light/Pro, Beam, NEXC2 - press the dash cam’s Power button twice
    2. For NEXS1 - press the dash cam’s Sync button twice
    3. For NEXC1 - press the dash cam’s WIFI button twice
  7. Tap Verify


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