How much free storage is needed on my phone to download the Nexar App?

To run Nexar, you need at least 1.2 GB to install our App, along with additional storage to record video.

Do the dash-cam recordings take up all my storage?

Nexar has a smart storage management feature which continuously deletes old rides to make sure you will NEVER run out of free space.
So don’t worry about deleting your old rides, we’re doing it for you.

You can change the phone storage settings to fit your specific needs To change your storage preferences please do the following:

Android: Enter Nexar > Menu > Settings > Phone Storage and choose your preference!

iPhone: Enter Nexar > More > Settings > Phone Storage and choose your preference!

Note: If you are now choosing a lower storage method than you already had set, some videos might be deleted!

This is how the storage preferences page looks:

Will Nexar use up all my battery?

Like with any app that uses GPS, your battery is working hard. That's why we recommend to keep your phone and dash cam connected to an in-vehicle charger at all times. Life is better with battery!

Will the Nexar App 'eat up' my cellular data?


The Nexar - AI dash cam App is purposely designed to use minimal mobile/cellular data to upload 40-second clips and avoid draining or 'eating up' your mobile data plan.

Furthermore, the app only uploads (via cellular data) clips of dangerous events (such as hard brakes or collisions), that are detected by the app and uploaded automatically.

The Nexar app queue all the less critical clips, and waits till your device is connected to WiFi before uploading them to the cloud.

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