Nexar Return Policy

You may return the dash cam to Nexar via USPS within 30 days of purchasing  (including in the event of receipt of a damaged/malfunctioned dash cam or failure by the dash cam, the Nexar App and/or your mobile device to integrate), and Nexar will refund you within 30 days of receipt of the dash cam in Nexar's shipping center here, provided however that the dash cam is returned to Nexar in its original condition and packaging and that you have not received the Refund following your completion of the Conditions. 

Please note that you cannot send the camera back with your own shipping label, you must use the one we provide in order for your return or exchange request to be processed.

In the event in which the dash cam is returned to Nexar in a damaged condition prior to the fulfillment of the Conditions, Nexar reserves the right to withhold the refund, or any part thereof.

Nexar hereby provides you with a one-year warranty for the dash cam as of the date of your receipt of the dash cam. In the event of any defect or malfunction in the dash cam (which were not caused due to unreasonable use by you or anyone else) occurring during such warranty period, you may return the dash cam to Nexar via USPS to the address mentioned above and Nexar will repair or replace your dash cam (at Nexar’s sole discretion).


  • If you have submitted some of the details incorrectly, the process might be delayed.
  • If you have claimed your rebate or gift card you will not receive a refund.

In order to issue a return, please click here.

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