Navigating The Nexar App

This is how the homepage of the app looks like:


More button 

Here you will be able to open the Menu options where you will find access to the app settings and other features. 

Drive Button 

This app is designed to automatically start recording whenever you start your ride while the app is working on the background. 
The Drive button is here should you wish to start your ride manually.

History Page

Here you will see a list of your Drives or Clips, in chronological order.

Drives History 

Here you will be able to access the list of your recorded drives. 
Drives- are your full daily drives. 
To view a Drive
 tap a drive video on the History page.

Clips History

Clips are 40 second video footage clips that are saved to your phone and to the cloud. These clips are automatically created when we detect dangerous events or collisions on the road. They can also be created manually during your drive (by tapping on the screen) or after your drive. Tap here to learn how to.


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