Pairing Your Dash Cam with an iPhone

Pair your iPhone to use your Nexar Pro, Beam, NEXC1, NEXC2, or NEXS1 dash cam with the Nexar app.

Before you start pairing your dash cam, please make sure that your iPhone is within reach and you have connected the dash cam to a power source by plugging the provided charging cable into the USB car charger. Then follow these instructions:

  1. Plug your Nexar dashcam into the car’s power port using the provided USB cable and power adapter 
  2. Enable your phone’s WiFi and Bluetooth
  3. The Nexar app will prompt you with a screen to get started, follow the instructions to connect your dashcam.

Stay near the dashcam and turn on your phone's cellular data in case it needs to be updated. Once your camera setup is complete, follow the mounting instructions in the app to show you how to correctly attach your dashcam to the windshield.

Set up automatic streaming to make sure your app starts saving your rides automatically.


How do I know if my phone is connected to the dash cam?

To confirm that you are paired, enter the Nexar app. On the Drive tab, you should see the dash cam’s status on the status bar say Detected. The Stream button should be enabled and show you the dash cam's live feed when you tap on it. 


Unable to connect to the dash cam's WiFi

Kindly try to connect your dashcam through the WiFi settings of your iPhone:

  1. Make sure your phone’s WiFi setting and dash cam are switched ON
  2. Under available networks, select your dash cam’s WiFi network beginning with DIRECT-NEX
  3. Enter the password 12345678

Still having trouble? Contact support via the in-app chat in More > Help > Contact Us.

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