How to pair your Nexar Powered Dash Cam - iOS Device


This article explains how to pair your dash cam to your iOS device.

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Here’s a video showing step by step instructions:

Scroll down for written instructions and troubleshooting.

Please note: Make sure your dash cam is connected to a power source before you start pairing. 


Pairing your dash cam with an iOS device

Before you start pairing your dash cam, please make sure that:

  1. Both your iPhone and your dash cam are within reach.
  2. You have connected the dash cam to a power source by plugging the provided charging cable into the USB car charger.

On your iPhone:

  1. Access your Settings.
  2. Select WiFi and turn it on.
  3. On the list of available networks, select the Nexar network. The Nexar network will either be: Direct- Nexar(5G)- XXXXXX or Nexar(5G)-XXXXXX, the last six digits (marked here as XXXXXX) are your camera's unique ID. Please follow the instructions depending on which network you see.



  1. Select DIRECT- Nexar(5G)-XXXXXX from the list.
  2. Enter 12345678 as the password.
  3. The WiFi indicator (blue light) on the dash cam should now be on and steady.

To check your connection, scroll down.



On your dash cam:

Make sure that the Power indicator (green light) is on, and the WiFi indicator (blue light) is off.

If the WiFi indicator (blue light) is flashing, turn it off by quickly pushing the power button on the bottom of the camera twice.


On your iPhone:

  1. Select Nexar(5G)-XXXXXX from the list of networks.
  2. Enter 12345678 as the password.


Check the connection:

After successfully pairing the dash cam with your iPhone, the Nexar app will open on your phone’s screen.

Tap the Drive button to start recording your drive.

  • Important note: To make sure that the footage you’re seeing on your iPhone’s screen is coming from the dash cam, and not from your iPhone’s built-in camera, hold your iPhone still and move your dash cam around (from side to side).


Still having trouble pairing your dash cam and iOS device?

Contact us through  the app for real time support: Nexar > More > Settings > Contact us


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