Pairing to your Nexar dash cam: iPhone

Please note that the pairing process is different for Android and iOS devices. Click here if you have an Android device.

Pairing your dash cam with an iOS device

Before you start pairing your dash cam, please make sure that your iPhone is within reach and you have connected the dash cam to a power source by plugging the provided charging cable into the USB car charger.

  1. Access your iPhone settings

  2. Select WiFi and turn it on

  3. On the list of available networks, select "DIRECT- Nexar(5G)" network.

  4. Enter 12345678 as the password.

  5. Head over to the Nexar app and tap on: "More" > "External camera" > "Preview camera's view"

Done! Make sure that the footage you’re seeing on your iPhone’s screen is coming from the dash cam and not from your iPhone’s built-in camera. 


Are you still having trouble? 

Note that if the network's name does not include "DIRECT" make sure that the blue light is turned off by double-tapping the power button. If it didn't work, contact us through the Nexar app and a support agent will be in touch with you shortly. 

Nexar > More > Settings > Contact us



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