About the SD Card

Do I need to buy an SD card for my dash cam?

Nope! An SD card is included when you order a Nexar dash cam.

What is the size of the SD card?

The Nexar dash cam comes with a 32GB SD card, which can store approximately 4.5 hours of footage. There is an option to upgrade to a 64GB (approx. 9 hours) or 128GB (approx. 19 hours) SD card when purchasing.

What kind of SD cards are compatible with the camera? 




  • Transcend - TS256GUSD300S

Can I use the dash cam without the SD card?

We highly advise against this! Removing the micro SD card while the dash cam is ON, could permanently damage your dash cam. Also, you must keep the card in the camera during firmware upgrades. Otherwise, permanent failure may occur.

Do I need to delete videos from my SD card? 

No. The dash cam will automatically delete old rides off the SD card so you’ll always have space. 

Is there audio available on the SD card?

Yes, audio is saved directly to your SD card. 

How can I export videos from my SD card? 

Please note: exporting files direct from the SD card is only possible in Nexar Light, Nexar Pro, Beam, Scosche NEXC1 and NEXS1. If you are using the Scosche NEXC2, please click here for an alternative option.

In order to export your Ride videos from the SD card to your computer:

  • Eject the SD card from your dash cam by pushing the SD card insert in the upper part of the camera next to the “Power” button


  • Insert the SD card into an SD card reader (available for purchase in any electronics store or use the adapter received in the package and insert the SD card into your computer)


  • Plug the SD card reader into the computer’s USB outlet


  • A folder containing the videos on your SD card will show up - transfer all of the desired videos to the computer’s drive
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