Device Compatibility with The Nexar App

Offering drivers a great experience is our top priority at Nexar. We tailor our technology to every smartphone model separately to ensure your dash cam connects and syncs to your mobile device, like... magic.

 Before you buy

Please make sure your mobile device meets the requirements listed below before purchasing the dash cam.


These specific devices is not fully supported to work with the Nexar app as they were found to have issues related to app crashing and pairing.

  • OnePlus Nord N10 5G (BE2025)
  • OnePlus Nord N100 (BE2015)
  • Pixel 4, 4XL, 4a and newer models

Operating system

Android: Android 8 and above (For Nexar Pro, Beam, NEXS1, NEXC1, NEXC2)
Android 10 and above (For Nexar One users)
iOS: iOS 13 and above

Compatible phones

While we're working hard on being compatible with every device on the planet, here are the devices we currently support (running the latest operating systems). 

Additionally, any newer models of the phones listed below are compatible with the Nexar App:

Manufacturer Supported Devices

iPhone 7 and Above


Galaxy Z Fold

Galaxy Z Flip

Galaxy A30 and Above

S9 and Above

S9+ and Above

S20 Ultra and Above

Note 8 and Above

Note 20 Ultra and Above


Pixel XL 

Pixel 3a


Onplus 6 and Above

Oneplus 7T and Above


Mi A3 and Above

Mi A2 Lite and Above

Mi 8 and Above

Redmi K20 Pro and Above


G7 One

G8 and Above

G7 ThinQ and Above

G7 One and Above

V60 ThinQ and Above


Unsupported apps and devices

The Nexar app needs a mobile phone with cellular data and the right configurations to support its features and functions in order to work well.

The following are not supported by the Nexar app and dash cam:

  • Tablets and iPads
  • Wireless Carplay and wireless Android Auto
  • Use of hotspot


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