Popular Questions on the Nexar App and Dash Cam


Does Nexar have a monthly fee?

There is no monthly fee to use the Nexar app and dash cam. If you're a professional driver working in the NYC area, you may be eligible for insurance discounts through our Rideshare Protect program for $9.99/month. Click here for more information.

Can I use other Apps on my phone while using Nexar and the dash cam?

Absolutely. Using the dash cam together with the Nexar App frees up your phone's resources, allowing you to use other Apps simultaneously, without effecting Nexar's functionality and quality in any way.

Using the App with a compatible dash cam is a breeze. The App auto starts and stops, allowing you to focus on the road ahead. To Nexar App will also keep you up-to-date on the latest and coolest features designed to enhance compatible dash cams.

Do I need to turn the camera on each time I use it?

Nope. If it’s plugged into a vehicle (connected to its power source), the camera should turn on automatically when you start your vehicle and turn off with when you switch off your car's power.

Does my phone's WiFi connection need to be enabled when using the Nexar App?

Yes, the WiFi connection must be enabled on your phone in order to use the Nexar App. However, your phone and the camera remain paired and connected through a separate WiFi signal emitted by the dash cam, rather than that of your phone. So you don’t need to worry about your phone’s data, it will still be accessible.

Can I use my car's WiFi hotspot while the camera is connected to my phone?

Unfortunately not. You can only connect your phone to one WiFi network at a time

What does the dash cam record? 

 The Nexar App saves to your phone Drives and Clips. Clips are short video clips of driving footage that are saved to your phone and your Nexar Cloud. Some clips are automatically created when the app detects dangerous events or collisions on the road. Additionally, you have the option to create a video clip manually as well. 

We highly recommend to create a clip as soon as possible, as to ensure the video you need from your drive is saved and will be backed up in the cloud. The standard SD card of 32GB holds around 4.5 hours of footage, and if you have driven more than that you will not be able to create a clip as the footage will be overwritten. 

Learn here how to save an important moment from your drive on iOS or Android.

Note: if your phone is low on storage, only part of a full drive will be saved. To adjust your storage preferences, enter the Nexar app, click on More > Account > Phone Storage.

Can I use the dash cam without the micro SD card?

We highly advise against this! Removing the micro SD card while the Dashcam is ON could permanently damage your camera. Also, you must keep the card in the camera in order to upgrade your firmware version, which is essential once in a while.

Does the camera record 24/7?

The camera will only record when it receives power. This typically happens when the engine is on. Please note that even if your car receives power 24/7, your camera will only record for an extra 30 minutes after you turn off your engine before it turns off due to the fact that you aren't driving and the camera is stationary.

Does the camera still record even if my phone isn't connected?

Yes. If you forgot your phone at home or if your WiFi was disabled while driving, don't worry. The dash cam is still recording onto the Sd card. You can read here to see how to extract the footage. Keep in mind that when driving without a paired smartphone you'll be missing out some essential features, as the Nexar Cloud automatic back up for dangerous events, 1-Click-Report that you can submit to your insurer in the case of an accident and more.



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