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What are Clips?

Clips are 40-second video clips of driving footage that are saved to your phone and your Nexar Cloud. These clips are automatically created when the app detects dangerous events or collisions on the road.

See something really cool during your drive that you’d like to keep but it wasn't automatically detected and saved?

You can either create a manual clip by tapping on the app’s screen while the drive is being recorded or you can create a manual clip after you’ve completed your drive. (For information on creating a manual clip from an interior facing camera, click here.)

What are Drives?

When using the Nexar app, you’ll notice two categories - “Drives” and “Clips.” Drives are exactly as they sound  - they are recent recordings of your full drives. At the end of every drive, you’ll see a screen that summarizes the drive - it will include a video, a map of the drive, and start and stop times of the drive.

Full drive videos are automatically deleted based on available free space on your phone. 

If you’re using Nexar with a compatible dash cam in background mode, you won’t be able to see your full drive videos, only your clips (but don’t worry, this is coming soon). 

How can I upload a Clip to the Nexar Cloud?

Whenever a clip is created, it is immediately uploaded to your Nexar Cloud in full HD quality over 4G, through the use of cellular data. 

How can I upload a Drive to the Nexar Cloud?

Full drives are uploaded to the Nexar Cloud as time-lapsed videos, on a best effort basis, when your phone is connected to a WiFi network. 

Do I need to delete Drives?

You don't have to. In order to use as little of your available phone storage as possible, we automatically delete drives depending on how much free space you have on your phone. In any event, you can go to the app’s Settings to select how much free space Nexar will use on your phone.

How can I delete my Drives?

Go to Drives and click the trash icon on the drive you want to delete.

Note that by manually deleting your drives, you are also deleting any clips associated with this drive. You can choose to delete from your phone and from your cloud, or only from your phone. We recommend deleting only from your phone.

How can I delete my Clips?

You can't delete clips. You can delete the drive that the clip was created from, and this will delete all clips associated with that drive.

If I delete the app, what will happen to the recorded drives in the app?

When deleting the Nexar app, all videos in the app will be deleted. Videos that have already been uploaded to the Cloud are still accessible to you when logging into your Nexar Cloud account.


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