I have an issue with the dash cam

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I need a spare part

A broken wire? "Not-sticky-anymore" sticker? No problem!

Head into our parts exchange portal and we’ll send you a replacement right away.


The app is consuming my phone’s battery

We work hard and constantly update the app so it is as battery efficient as possible. Since the Nexar app consistently backs up drives, your phone does some heavy lifting syncing HD footage from the dash cam to your phone.

If you suffer from excessive battery consumption we recommend that you:

  1. Update your Nexar app to the latest version available.
  2. Keep your phone plugged into the dual cigarette lighter adaptor, which was provided with the camera. 


I'm worried Nexar consumes too much of my data plan

In general, Nexar uses your data plan only to backup important incidents in real-time (collisions, hard brakes, etc). On average, the Nexar app consumes less than 25 MB of your data plan per driving hour.

In the rare case that you notice excessive data consumption please reach out to us so we can provide you with a resolution.


I want the Nexar app to use less phone storage

Nexar’s smart storage management system continuously deletes old drives to make sure you will never run out of free space on your phone. You can decide how much of your free storage space is allocated to the backup of Nexar drives.

Here’s how to change your storage preferences:

  • Android: In the Nexar app tap Menu > Settings > Phone Storage and choose your preference.
  • iOS: In the Nexar app tap More > Settings > Phone Storage and choose your preference.

Note: If you choose a lower storage capacity, older videos might be deleted immediately.


My drives aren't being automatically recorded

Your camera begins streaming footage to the Nexar app shortly after you begin driving (usually it takes no longer than 2-3 minutes). Once your drive has ended, you’ll be able to view under the “Drives” tab in the Nexar app. If push notifications are enabled on your phone, you should also receive a notification from the Nexar app every time an automatically recorded ride starts and ends.

If you don't see a recent drive in the app’s “Drives” tab:

  • Confirm that your device is compatible with Nexar.
  • When inside your car, make sure that the WiFi on your phone is ON and that your camera light indicators are on (Green or blue light is good!). 
  • Verify that automatic recording is activated. On the Nexar app tap on “Settings” and toggle “Auto start-stop” to ON. If you can't enable this option that means your phone has lost connection with the dash cam. Follow this guide to re-pair your dash cam:
    - iOS
    - Android
  • Enable location services: for iPhone, make sure your location services are set to “Always” (Settings > Nexar > Location: Always), also please make sure that motion & fitness are enabled in your iPhone settings. For Android, check that location services are set to “High accuracy” (Settings > Connections > Location: High accuracy).

Note: If you drive with a hybrid or electric car, you may need to end your drives on the nexar app manually.


Dangling power cable

We get it - that Nexar power cable is LONG. We made it that way so you can easily hide it! Use this video to hide the cable so your car continues to look neat and clean.


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