How to make sure that your Nexar app is connected to the Nexar dash cam

If you feel the camera has disconnected from your Nexar app, let's make sure things are working properly.
Head into the “Drives” tab on the Nexar app and check if your last drive is listed. If it’s not there, follow these simple steps:
(1) When inside your car, make sure that the WiFi on your phone is ON and that your camera light indicators are on (Green or blue light is good!).
(2) Verify that automatic recording is activated. On the Nexar app tap on “Settings” and toggle “Auto start-stop” to ON. If you can't enable this option that means your phone has lost connection with the dash cam.
(3) Follow this guide to re-pair your dash cam:
 • iOS
 • Android
(4) Enable location services:
For iPhone, make sure your location services are set to “Always” (Settings > Nexar > Location: Always), also please make sure that motion & fitness are enabled in your iPhone settings.
For Android, check that location services are set to “High accuracy” (Settings > Connections > Location: High accuracy).
That's it, you should be all set now. After you next drive head over to the Nexar app and make sure it was recorded.
If you need any further help don’t hesitate to contact us via the in-app chat!
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