Interior Facing Camera

Nexar’s interior facing camera connects to your Nexar dash cam, and allows you to record the inside of your vehicle in 720p quality. The interior facing camera does not have its own SD card, so it uses the dash cam’s SD card while being connected to it. The videos saved on the SD card and the clips you create using the Nexar app with the interior facing camera will have audio from inside the vehicle. 

How do I retrieve video from the interior facing camera?

After completing a drive with Nexar (longer than 3 minutes), remain near your Nexar dash cam and make sure it is powered on. Then complete the following:

  1. Tap “End Drive" 
  2. This will bring you to a post-ride screen where you can tap the button labeled, “Create Clip"
  3. A video playback screen will appear and if you are near your dash cam, you will be able to switch to your interior facing camera.
  4. If you have an iOS: tap "Interior view" and the video playback will switch to the interior facing camera.
  5. If you have an Android: a small camera icon will appear in the top right of the playback screen. Tap this icon and the video playback will switch to the interior facing camera.
  6. Select the segment of the drive recording you want to save to the Nexar app by scrolling and trimming the video using the scrolling tool at the bottom of the playback screen
  7. Once you’ve selected the video that you want to save, tap “Save” and the video will save to the “Clips” tab in your home screen

You can now head over to the "Clips" tab to view your new clip.

Interior Facing Camera Day Recording 

How do I connect the interior facing camera to the dash cam?

Plug the power cord into the “rear” port on your dash cam. If you have paired the dash cam to your Nexar app, there are no additional steps. For instructions on how to pair to the external facing dash cam, click here for iOS instructions and here for Android instructions.

How do I know it’s working?

It’s as easy as plugging the interior facing camera into the “rear” port on the dash cam. No lights on the camera will power on. You can check out a preview of your interior camera by heading over to the Nexar app, tap on More> External camera> Preview camera's view and choose/toggle the interior cameras preview. 

Does it support night vision?

Yes! You will be able to see the interior of your car with no additional lighting needed 

How do I mount the interior facing camera in my car?

The same way you mounted your dash cam! The interior facing camera comes with a small mount that has adhesive tape so that you can mount it to your windshield. You can see what the camera is recording by going to Settings > External Camera > Camera preview

Can I view the footage live? 

If you have a new camera you are able to view the live feed, once you've started a drive. To do so, start a drive, toggle the view to the interior view - there you go! You should now be able to view the live feed of the interior facing camera. Please note that at the end of the drive, the footage saved to your phone will be from the external facing camera. No worries, you can create a manual clip using the instructions above, and save the requested segment to your phone.  

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