iOS 13: What’s New?

Important message for iPhone owners: adjust your settings as explained below to make sure your Nexar dash cam records automatically when you start driving.

iOS 13 is the latest software update for iPhones. If you’ve installed it or are about to, it’s important you read the following in order to maintain a smooth & seamless Nexar experience with iOS 13.


What’s different in iOS 13? 

iOS devices currently have three options for sharing your precise location with an app: “always”, “only when the app is in use” or “never”. After you update to iOS 13, you’ll see an additional option called “allow once,” which lets an app access your device’s location information only once, for single-purpose use.

Additionally, from time to time your device will notify you that Nexar is using your precise location in the background. This is essential if you want your Nexar app to connect to your dash cam and enable automatic recording whenever you start driving. When Nexar has access to your precise location, it can automatically start and stop recording your drives, save clips with GPS routes to your cloud and create custom reports in case of an accident. 


What should I do in order to maintain a seamless experience with the Nexar app?

  • Location Services: In your iPhone’s Settings, select Nexar from the app list, tap Location, and then select “Always”. This enables Nexar to recognize when you’re driving, so the app can trigger the dash cam to start recording 
  • Notifications: In your iPhone’s Settings, select Nexar from the app list, tap Notifications and make sure that the “Allow Notifications” slider is toggled on

Screen_Shot_2019-09-24_at_16.13.57.png image.pngimage-1.png

  • Do Not Disturb While Driving: This new feature keeps your phone silent and in sleep mode when driving. While we understand the importance of this feature, it may interfere with the Nexar app’s ability to connect to your dash cam. To make sure your drives are recorded, open your iPhone’s Settings, select Do not disturb and make sure Do not disturb while driving is set to Manually.


All set! You can now enjoy iOS 13 while knowing your drives are always recorded by Nexar.


Happy Driving!


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