An update to Nexar’s insurance offering - Hereford

We hope you never get into a collision. If you do, Nexar is here to help. 

Nexar is rolling out automatic collision reporting to a select group of Hereford policyholders. This means that in the event of a collision, the video clip and key stats (such as time of day, location, and force of impact) are sent to Hereford right away. As part of your Hereford policy, collision videos and stats are already submitted on a delayed basis. This new feature automates the process.

It’s often difficult to prove who’s at fault in a collision, leaving innocent parties on the hook for 50% or more of a settlement. Automatic collision reporting is your proof. The facts of the collision are reported to Hereford – saving you time, stress, and hopefully money later on in the claims process. 

Collision reporting is required to be eligible for the discount on your Hereford policy. If you opt-out, you will lose your discount and your policy rate will increase.    

Should you want to opt-out, you can do so in your profile page in the Nexar app by switching the "report" toggle to "off".

Questions? do not hesitate to contact us here. 

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