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To learn how to set up your NEXC1 dash cam, watch this video:


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What comes in the box?


Where and how do I mount the camera?  

Behind and to the right of your rearview mirror works best. But before you stick the camera, check in the Nexar App that you have a full, clear view of the road.

Wherever you choose to stick the camera, make sure not to install it in a place that will interfere with the driver’s visibility or safety. Also, do not install the camera on or near where airbags may be present or go off. If you are uncertain of where your vehicle’s airbags are located, contact your vehicle’s manufacturer. Finally, do not install the camera on sun control film (i.e. window tint) to prevent any damage.

Inserting the micro SD card

Hold the camera with the lens facing downwards, and insert micro SD card with metal pins facing upwards into the micro SD slot on the camera until you hear a click

Please make sure not to use SD cards that have been previously used with other Nexar dash cams as it will cause permanent damage. Only use new SD cards with your Nexc1. 


Mounting the adjustable suction docking mount

Thoroughly clean and dry the area of the windshield where the unit will be mounted, see page 3 Safety for suggestions. Second, firmly apply the suction mount to the windshield and press on the lever to secure suction grip.

Note: Make sure the lever is released before applying to the windshield, for best results.


Mounting Camera to the Adjustable Suction Docking Mount 

Align and attach the two extruded connection inputs on the mount assembly to the camera’s input ports.


Screen_Shot_2019-11-27_at_17.58.44.png .         Screen_Shot_2019-11-27_at_17.58.36.png



To turn the camera on and off, single tap the POWER button. Double tapping the WiFi button might interrupt the camera’s WiFi connection



Install the USB charger in your vehicle’s power socket

Start your vehicle
The camera’s indicator lights will turn on. Success!


Can I use my own charger and SD card?

We recommend using the charger port provided as it has been tested with the dash cam. However, if you want to use your own charger, we recommend using chargers higher than 1amp. To view compatible SD cards, please click here

How can I hide the cables?

Driving with cables dangling is unpleasant, but there’s a simple solution. Watch this tutorial to learn how to hide the cable in just a few minutes.



  1. Sit in the passenger seat
  2. With one hand, gently pull down part of the ceiling
  3. With your other hand, use two fingers or the installation tool to insert the cable behind the ceiling fabric - you can use the clips provided if you prefer
  4. Open the passenger-side door
  5. Insert the cable into the door’s seal from top to bottom
  6. Bring the cable behind the glove compartment
  7. Insert the remaining cable under the passenger-side floor mat
  8. Bring the cable as close to the power socket as possible, and connect the cable to the USB charger

Now, connect the camera to your personal phone.

To pair your dash cam to your iOS device click here

To pair your dash cam to your Android device click here


Why does the dash cam need to be connected to the phone?

Keep the camera connected to your phone to enjoy Nexar's powerful safety features including:

  • Free collision reconstruction reports
  • Automatic detection and recording of dangerous events (such as a hard brake)
  • Unlimited video storage on the Nexar Cloud
  • View and download videos from your device
  • 24/7 Support (Nexar App>More>Contact Us)


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