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What is a Nexar Group?

Nexar Groups help you look after the people you care about – even when they're miles away. If any group member is ever in an emergency, an alert is sent to each member of the group.

We’ve all experienced that worried feeling when a friend or family member gets into a car and drives away. You just want them to arrive safely. Ever ask someone to let you know as soon as they get home safely? Well, you don’t need to anymore. 

With Nexar Groups, we’ll send you an immediate Alert if a loved one is involved in a traffic incident, or made a hard brake. The Group Alerts include the dash cam video to understand what happened, and in a case of an accident, directions to their location so that you can spring into action as quickly as possible. You’ll also get a push notification when a member of the group starts driving – and another one when they reach their destination. 

Have ideas of other features you’d like to see in Nexar Groups? Drop us a line in the in-app chat by doing the following: Enter the Nexar app > More > Help > Contact Us.  

Who is eligible to set up Nexar Groups?

The Nexar Groups feature is available for iOS users with a Nexar Pro, Beam, NEXC1, NEXC2, or NEXS1 dash cam. If you have a Nexar One dash cam, you can set up Emergency Contacts instead.

Is Nexar Groups available on Android?

Not yet, but it will be soon! Want us to notify you when it’s ready? Drop your email address here.

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