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How do I create a group?

  1. Open the Nexar app
  2. Tap on More Groups Create a group
  3. Invite team members from your contacts list
  4. Choose a group name
  5. Make sure your dash cam is paired
  6. Hit the road

How do I add a member to my group?

  1. From the group page, tap the cog wheel icon at the top of the screen to head into your group’s settings.
  2. Tap Add group members.
  3. Choose additional team members from your contacts list.
  4. Tap Done. 

Can members join the group without being connected to a dash cam?

Yes, but those members will only have limited safety features. With a Nexar dash cam, we can detect sudden brakes and accidents, and gather more accurate updates about other group members. In other words, groups work best when all members have a Nexar-powered dash cam. In order to purchase additional dash cams for your group, click here. 

I've been invited to a group, but I don't have the Nexar app. What should I do?

    1. Download the Nexar app by pressing on the link in the invitation SMS or by searching for Nexar in the App Store.
    2. Sign up to Nexar using the phone number that received the invitation SMS.
    3. Join the group by clicking Join at the top of the activity screen.

How can I leave a group?

In order to leave a group, please email us at "" or reach out through the in app chat (Nexar > More > 'Chat with us') so we can remove you. 


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