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What is Collision Alert?

If your Nexar dash cam detects that any member of your group has been in a collision, we'll alert the other members of the group through SMS. The alert includes your location, dash cam video and contact details so they can spring into action.


How does Collision Alert works?

All Nexar dash cams detect collisions in 360°. When an impact is detected and the driver is a member of a Nexar Group, a Collision Alert will be sent to all members inside the group.

We can detect collisions if:

  • Your phone is supported by Nexar.
  • Your phone isn’t low on battery.
  • You have the latest version of the Nexar app.
  • Your Nexar app is connected to a Nexar dash cam in your vehicle.
  • You have good reception (eg, Collision Alert won’t work in underground parking garages).
  • Your phone is in a stable position, such as in your pocket, phone holder or glove compartment. 
  • You have your phone with you and you’ve turned on WiFi and Bluetooth, set location permission to “Always Allow”, and set “Cellular Data” usage to on.
  • You aren’t on a call at the time of the incident or, if you are, you end the call quickly. If you don’t end the call or wait too long before ending it, Collision Alert might not work at all.  

We do our best to be there when you need us most. On rare occasions, even if all the above criteria are met, we might not detect all accidents due to a variety of reasons, such as network outages. See the Terms of Services for details. Additionally, sometimes our technology detects what it thinks is an accident but in reality was either a close call or a small fender bender. In these situations, we would prefer to send an Accident Alert, just to be on the safe side. 



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