Nexar Memory Card Reader

Learn how to download recorded drives to your computer without removing the SD card from the Nexar dash cam. 

1. Download the Nexar Card Reader app to your PC and open it (Mac coming soon) 

NEXAR_BUTTONS_WINDOWS__2_.png              Mac_Button.png     

2. Plug the dash cam into your computer or to an external power source

3. Connect your computer to the dash cam’s WiFi network. Look for the network DIRECT-XXXXXX and enter password 12345678 (unclick 'Remember this network')

4. Wait until your dash cam’s flashing light is steady 

5. Double click your dash cam’s power button

6. Click “Connect” on the Nexar Card Reader app on your computer 

You can now view all the driving footage that’s saved on your SD card! Make sure to download any drives you’d like to keep.



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