Parking Mode

Nexar dash cams sense even the slightest movement and start recording immediately, even when your car is parked. When a parking incident is detected, your dash cam will record a 10-30 second clip that will be saved in its SD card. In some dash cam models, the Nexar app will also notify you if a parking incident occurred and allow you to save it to your Clips feed in the app, as soon as you connect back to the dash cam. Please note that the in-app Parking Mode experience is currently available only on iOS,  but we’re working on enabling it on Android too. Read through this article to learn more.

How does Nexar detect parking incidents?

Whenever the dash cam turns off after a drive, it will wake up again when motion is detected. The camera will then record a short video, flag it internally as a Parking Mode video, and then shut down again. The motion sensor is sensitive enough to sense an impact on the vehicle (someone backing into your car, a break-in attempt, etc), but not sensitive enough to create an incident video based on a loud car or truck driving by.

How long will the dash cam record when a parking incident is detected?

The parking incident clip's duration depends on your dash cam model. The NEXC1 dash cam records 10-second long clips when detecting a parking incident, and the rest of the dash cam models record 30-second long parking incidents. 

How to enable the Parking Mode feature on my dash cam

First, make sure that you have the latest version of the Nexar app. You can go to the App Store and check for updates. Then, make sure that your dash cam has the latest software: 

  1. While next to your dash cam, make sure it’s powered on and open the Nexar app (don’t be within range of your home/office WiFi) 
  2. Tap on More > Settings > External camera > Camera update
  3. The update process should take 2-5 minutes

SD card vs. in-app experience

If you're using a supported dash cam, parking incidents will be saved to its SD card anyway. If your dash cam supports the in-app Parking Mode experience, you'll also be notified of the incident.

*Nexar Pro/Light:
To see if your dash cam supports this feature, go to the Nexar app, tap More > View and edit profile, then scroll down and check your dash cam's serial number. Supported dash cams' serial numbers start with W1C or WC. 

In-app experience

When you’re back at your car and your phone is connected to the dash cam, Nexar will notify you if any parking incidents occurred. Parking incidents will also be saved to your SD card, regardless.

  • To view them in the app, simply tap the notification or enter the app and go to the Activity screen.
  • Going to Activity will start the parking incidents’ download. When done, the new incidents will be added to your Clips feed.
  • You can easily share incidents by tapping the share button.
  • Parking incidents are also uploaded to your Nexar cloud for safekeeping. Click here to learn more about cloud backups. 

Screen_Shot_2020-11-17_at_15.27.34.pngScreen_Shot_2020-11-17_at_16.01.17.png  .  Screen_Shot_2020-11-17_at_16.09.05.png

Having trouble viewing a parking incident?

Parking incidents that happened within 5 minutes before and after a drive will not be synced to the app as clips. In any case, you can check your SD card and look for the incident. 

If the clip's download failed, you can also try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Make sure you’re near the dash cam
  2. Make sure the SD card is in the dash cam
  3. Go to your phone’s Settings and make sure that it’s connected to your dash cam’s WiFi
  4. Go to the app’s Activity screen and tap Try again

Still having trouble? Reach out our support team via the in-app chat and we’ll be happy to help.

SD card experience

If you're using NEXC1, you won't be notified if a parking incident occurred. If you see that something happened to your car while it was parked, please take out the SD card right away and export the footage onto your computer, to make sure it isn’t overwritten. To learn how to export your footage, please click here

Continuously Charging Cars

Parking Mode switches on only when the camera is no longer charging, which happens when the car's engine is off. Yet in some new or electric models charging continues even when the engine is off, which means Parking Mode won't work. If you're not sure whether your car stopped charging, turn the engine off and see if your phone continues to charge, or check your user manual.

How do I know if the Parking Mode feature is activated?

Currently there's no indication that this feature is activated, but if you've followed the steps to enable it, Parking Mode will be active from your next drive you will make. If you want to test it, please note that the camera does not detect parking incidents that happened within 5 minutes before and after a drive, to avoid false events such as door slamming. 

We appreciate your feedback

We’d like to hear your opinion about this new feature! If you have any feedback to share, or questions to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us through the in-app chat. You’re also welcome to join our exclusive Facebook community - Nexar Insiders.

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