Set up your dash cam || NEXS1

To learn how to set up your NEXS1 dash cam, watch this video:


1. Download Nexar from your app store

2. Open the app and enable all the necessary settings when prompted, be sure to enable Location Services to activate automatic recording when you start driving.

3. Insert the type-c charging mount into the matching slot on the dash cam's power port, as shown below.


4. Connect the other end of the charging cable to the USB charger and plug the charger into your car's power socket. 


Note: If your dash cam came with a hard-wiring kit, or if you purchased one separately, please refer to the instructions that came with the hard-wiring kit.

Note: Mount and position the camera on your windshield before connecting and routing the power source, watch the video above for more information. 

5. Start the car to turn the camera on. The camera will power on when your car is running and power off when you stop your car. 

6. Follow the instructions in the app to pair your phone with the dash cam. 

To learn how to pair your iPhone click here.

To learn how to pair your Android device click here



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