Interior Facing Camera: Video is no longer on the dash cam

‘Video is no longer in your dashcam’

If you’re receiving this message when attempting to create a clip from your interior camera, it is possible that it was already overwritten (or loop recorded) by the new videos you have created. Nonetheless, you can still perform playback of the exterior footage that is associated with it.


SD Card capacity

Exterior and Interior Camera videos are equally stored inside the dash cam’s SD card, or its internal memory (click here to find out how to export your drives from it). Below are the estimated number of hours that you can save according to the dash cam’s memory size:

                SD size                     Hours of recording    
32 GB 2.5
64 GB 5
128 GB 10
256 GB 20

Once the limit has been reached, it will begin to ‘
loop record’ once you start a new recording (a new drive). Hence, it is highly advisable to create a clip immediately in case you need the footage from either the exterior or interior camera.

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