Android 11: What's New?

What’s different in Android 11?

Due to the Android 11 update, Nexar requires Android devices to have the “Allow all the time” option chosen in the location settings. Without this, Nexar cannot record your drives. In order to maintain a seamless experience with the Nexar app with Android 11, simply go to your phone's Settings > Apps > Nexar > Permissions > Location > set the Location permission to 'Allow all the time'.

Why does Nexar require location permissions?

The Nexar app connects to the dash cam using Wi-Fi Direct, also known as peer-to-peer or P2P. This allows the app to quickly find and interact with your dash cam. Android has designated WiFi Direct connection as a location-related feature since the app can “search” for nearby devices, and derive a device’s location by doing so. Therefore, the operating system requires you to Allow location all the time for apps that use WiFi Direct. It is important to note that Nexar does not use or save location information, other than to start and end your drive recordings and display maps at the end of your drives. 

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