iOS 14: What’s New?

Important message for iPhone owners: adjust your settings as explained below to make sure your Nexar dash cam is properly paired and records automatically when you start driving.

iOS 14 is the latest software update for iPhones. If you’ve installed it or are about to, it’s important you read the following in order to maintain a smooth & seamless Nexar experience with iOS 14.

What’s different in iOS 14? 

After you update to iOS 14, you may notice that new permission has been added, called Local Network. This allows apps to interact with other devices in your surroundings, like an external camera. This permission must be granted in order to pair your iPhone with your Nexar dash cam. 

Also, in addition to the current location preferences, iOS devices will now have the Precise Location toggle, which allows apps to use your specific location. Nexar uses your specific location to show your drives’ routes after you've completed a drive. With this setting toggled off, Nexar will not be able to map your drive's trajectory.

Not sure which iOS version you have? You can easily find out by going to your iPhone’s Settings > General > About > Software Version.

What should I do in order to maintain a seamless experience with the Nexar app?

  • Local Network:
    • Make sure you're connected to a WiFi network
    • Enter the Nexar app and wait 10-15 seconds
    • Tap OK when the Local Network pop up shows

    • If you accidentally dismissed this message, just go to your iPhone's Settings, select Nexar from the app list, and make sure that Local Network is toggled on



  • Location: in your iPhone’s Settings, select Nexar from the app list, tap Location, then make sure Precise Location is toggled on


All set! You can now enjoy iOS 14 while knowing that your drives are always recorded by Nexar. If you’re experiencing any issues after updating to iOS 14, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the in-app chat. 

Happy Driving!


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