Nexar GPS Mount

Nexar’s new dash cam mount is a suction cup with built-in GPS that is intended to help the app have a more precise auto-recording function and better incident detection while on the road. The Nexar GPS mount ensures a more accurate connection between your vehicle's location and the dash cam’s recorded evidence, while securely holding your dash cam in place with a firm suction cup. 

Is it compatible with my dash cam?

At the moment, the GPS mount is compatible with Nexar Pro and Nexar Beam. If you purchased your GPS mount separately (and not with a dash cam), please make sure that you have the latest version of the Nexar app (you can visit your phone’s app store and check for updates) and that your dash cam has the latest software: 

  1. While next to your dash cam, make sure it’s powered on and open the Nexar app (don’t be within range of your home/office WIFI) 
  2. Tap on More > Settings > External camera > Camera update
  3. The update process should take 2-5 minutes

Please note that the GPS mount  is not compatible with flat windshields (these are common in trucks and RVs).


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order the GPS mount?

If you already have a Nexar dash cam, you can order the GPS mount on the following page:

You can also order a dash cam that already includes a GPS mount:

Is my privacy secure when using the GPS mount?

Of course it is. The GPS mount is not meant for tracking anybody, but to improve the auto-recording function and incident detection of the app and dash cam when you start your vehicle. 

Will this help locate my vehicle in case it was stolen?

No. The GPS mount is only active when your phone is nearby and connected to your Nexar dash cam. It’s only meant to improve your drives’ GPS trajectory accuracy and the automatic recording experience.

Having issues with the GPS mount?

Our support team is always available and happy to help. Please reach out to us via the in-app chat or email us for any issues that you may have with the GPS mount. Please have your order details ready and in case of physical damage, include a picture of the damaged mount or parts to help us better understand the issue and expedite your request. 

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