Video Message

The Video Message feature allows you to create clips up to 30 seconds long that can be shared immediately through email, Facebook, Twitter, and any other messaging apps that are installed on your phone.

Who can use the Video Message feature?

Video Message is available for iOS users (iPhone 7 and later) with Nexar app version 5.2.18 and above. 

How can I create a Video Message?

Make sure your phone is paired to the dash cam while driving, then:

  1. Open the Nexar app
  2. In your live stream, tap the Video Message icon at the top left corner of the screen to start creating a clip of your current view
  3. You can stop creating the clip at any time by tapping the Share button below the feed
  4. Wait for the clip to finish uploading 
  5. Share the clip with your friends and family

Is there a length limit on Video Messages?

You can use the Video Message feature to create and share clips that are between 1 to 30 seconds long. A 30-second clip uses about 16 MB of storage space on your phone. 

Will Video Messages have audio?

Video Message clips will include audio if the Audio recording toggle is enabled in the app.

Where are Video Messages saved?

You can find these recordings in the Nexar app > Videos tab > tap the drive card from when it was created. They will have a VIDEO MESSAGE tag on them. These videos are also saved as Manual Clips in your Nexar Cloud in HD quality.

Can I make Video Messages from the interior facing camera?

No. You can only create Video Message clips from the road-facing camera. If you need to save clips from the interior facing camera, click here to learn how.


Having trouble? Contact support via the in-app chat in More > Help > Contact Us

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