Nexar x Uber Pilot

Here’s a special deal to help keep you protected on the road!

Nexar is partnering with Uber to help you get the video evidence you may need with one tap. Qualifying drivers will receive a Nexar dash cam for 12 monthly installments of $5, which is 60% off the regular price! You can easily record your trips and share any important clips with Uber Support.  

When you sign up, you can get peace of mind knowing that your dash cam will capture footage if something happens during one of your trips. If anything happens inside or outside your vehicle, simply navigate to the Help section of the Uber Driver app and find the relevant safety issue you would like to report. After you provide a description of the incident, you will be given the option to share video with Uber. If you choose to share the video footage, Uber will send a request to Nexar for the video from your trip. Nexar will send a push notification so you can approve the video request. The Nexar app will then send the video to Uber. 

You will also get the following:

  • The complete Nexar Pro System
  • 128 GB SD card (12-hour backup)
  • Free and unlimited Nexar Cloud backup
  • Parking Mode
  • Free use of the Nexar app and its features such as 1-Click Report, Automatic recording, Video backup, Clip trimming, Hard brake and collision reporting, etc.
  • 24/7 Nexar chat/email support
  • 1-year dash cam replacement warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on dash cam parts and accessories

Sign me up! Where do I start?

Awesome! If you received an invitation from Uber, please go back to that invite and click on “Learn More” or “Sign up for a dash cam” to begin.

Will Uber be able to see my video footage without my permission?

No. Video footage will not be sent to Uber Support unless you agree to share videos with them. Nexar will never share any of your videos with Uber without your consent. 

Are my videos and information safe?

Absolutely. Nexar values and protects your privacy. We will never share any data of drivers using Uber with a third party, without authorization or consent. You may read more about how we safeguard your privacy here.

Can a rider request a video from my Nexar dash cam to be sent to Uber?

No. At the moment only you can request to share your dash cam videos with Uber.

Is anyone watching my video live?

No. Your dash cam has no live video streaming capability.  

Can I use this video to file for an insurance claim?

Yes. You will have a copy of the video saved to the Nexar app. You can use the Share button to easily send the video online.

How can I share my Nexar video with Uber?

  1. Navigate to the Help section of the Uber Driver app and find the relevant safety issue you would like to report. 
  2. You will be given the option to share video with Uber when submitting details for your report.
  3. When prompted in the Nexar app “Would you like to share your video with Uber”, tap “Approve”  (if you don’t receive this prompt, make sure you have a strong enough internet connection).
  4. Keep the app open until it finishes sending the video to Uber. Make sure you are next to your camera, your camera is on, and you are paired with the app.

A copy of that recording will also be uploaded to your Nexar app with a description “Sent to Uber”.

How does Nexar send videos to Uber?

Videos are sent via internet connection through the Nexar app, so make sure you are connected to WiFI or have your phone’s cellular data enabled.

Why should I drive with Nexar?

Nexar helps protect you while you’re on the road. With the dual camera system and easy app integration, you can have eyes on the road and in your cabin while driving and send any important video information to Uber Support with one tap. Riders will be notified they are being recorded, which may encourage them to respect you and your vehicle.

Why do I need to put recording stickers on my car? 

In many states in the US, there are complex laws around whether and how you can record others. The stickers on your car and notification in the Uber app help ensure that all riders (including guests or friends of the Uber account holder) have seen the notice of recording and are not surprised by it, and it may also ultimately help prevent a rare negative reaction to use of the Nexar dash cam. 

What happens at the end of the 12 month pilot?

By participating, you are committing to pay the $5/month payment for 12 months - a total of $60.

As this is an experimental pilot, Nexar and Uber will be using the next 12 months to understand your experiences with the dash cam, as well as that of your riders. At the end of the 12 months, the program may be extended or concluded, and you will be notified of next steps towards the end of the 12 month period. Your dash cam will continue to function after the 12 month period, but Uber specific functionality may be discontinued. 

I’m a driver using Uber and I already have a Nexar dash cam. Can I sign up for the Nexar x Uber Pilot?

This pilot is only available to drivers using Uber that received a unique invitation to sign up.

Do I need to open the app every time I drive?

No, once you’ve completed the initial pairing you can set your Nexar app to auto start.


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