Nexar One's Emergency Streaming Alerts

Learn how Nexar One can send emergency alerts to your emergency contacts so they can spring into action if you need help on the road. 

About Emergency Steaming alerts

If you are ever in a collision or get pulled over by police, Nexar will send an SMS alert to your emergency contacts telling them that you need help. It will show your location and a link to live stream your Nexar One dash cam’s view in real-time. 


Set up Emergency Contacts

Keep your colleagues, friends, or loved ones informed if something happens while you are driving by adding them to your Nexar account as emergency contacts. 



Here's how to add an emergency contact

  1. On the Nexar app, go to More > Account > Emergency Contacts
  2. Enable the Contacts permission
  3. Tap on Add a Contact
  4. You can choose up to 10 people from your phone contacts


Here's how to delete an emergency contact

  1. On the Nexar app, go to More > Account > Emergency Contacts
  2. Click the trash can icon beside the contact you want to remove

If you have more than one Nexar One dash cam, you only need to add/delete Emergency contacts once. Changes will be applied to all your Nexar One dash cams.


Emergency Streaming notifications

Your Nexar One Emergency Contacts will get notified when:

  • The Nexar One detects a collision while you’re driving.
  • You say “Hey, Siri. I’m getting pulled over,” (for iOS).
  • You click the SOS button in the Nexar app’s Drive tab while driving.

This safety feature requires a +Connectivity add-on with an active Nexar Connect subscription. If you haven’t already done so, activate your Nexar Connect subscription to send alerts to your emergency contacts.



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