Using Nexar With a Continuous Power Outlet

What is a continuous power outlet?

A continuous power outlet supplies power to your car even when the car’s engine is off. This is common in hybrid vehicles, electric cars, or in cars that have remote start keys.

How does a continuous power outlet affect Nexar dash cams?

The Nexar dash cams turn on and off with the power supply they’re connected to. Whenever your car’s engine turns on, the dash cam turns on. When the Nexar app detects that your dash cam is on, it knows you’re driving and starts streaming to your phone. When you turn off the engine, the dash cam will turn off, too. When the app no longer detects the dash cam, it knows that you stopped driving and stops streaming to your phone.

In continuous powered cars, the dash cam remains on even if you’ve stopped driving because it keeps getting power from your car’s battery. Because of this, the Nexar app can stream videos to your phone even when you’re not really driving. 

To fix that, we use your phone's Motion & Fitness (Physical Activity for Android) to make sure we only stream when the car is actually moving.

Compared to other Nexar dash cams, the Nexar One dash cam actually works better if you connect it to continuous power by: 

  • Keeping the dash cam on standby mode for longer parking mode duration 
  • Giving you more opportunities to livestream from the dash cam while you’re away

How do I know if my car has continuous power?

To know if you have a continuous power outlet, try charging your phone on your car’s power ports while the car’s engine is off. If it charges, it means the outlet provides continuous power to your dash cam.

The Nexar app keeps sending me drive started notifications when I'm not driving. What can I do?


To avoid receiving random ride started notifications from the Nexar app when you're not driving, enable the "Continuous power outlet" toggle in the Nexar app settings if your dash cam is connected to an always-on power port. This will prevent the app from initiating a drive when you're not actually driving and will automatically end the recording when your trip is complete.

To make sure your Nexar dash cam works properly with a continuous power outlet, do the following:


  1. Go to phone Settings > Nexar 
  2. Toggle on Motion & Fitness permission
  3. Open the Nexar app
  4. Tap More > Dash cam/s
  5. Tap Continuous power outlet toggle to switch it on/off


  1. Go to phone Settings > Apps > Nexar 
  2. Toggle on Physical activity
  3. Open the Nexar app
  4. Tap More > Dash cam/s
  5. Tap Continuous power outlet toggle to switch it on/off


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