Commonly Asked Questions About the Nexar One Dash Cam

The Nexar One dash cam is a new model with unique and innovative features. Learn about the camera, its +Connectivity add-on, and the Nexar Connect subscription below.

How is Nexar One different than other Nexar dash cams?

Nexar One records in 4k with the premium Sony Starvis sensor, providing rich and color-balanced video. With the +Connectivity add-on and the Nexar Connect subscription, you will be able to remotely stream your dash cam’s video and receive live alerts in case of a parking incident, a break-in, or a collision. Compare Nexar One with all other Nexar models.


Why should I buy a +Connectivity add-on and a Nexar Connect subscription?

The +Connectivity add-on and Nexar Connect subscription allow you to stream live video from the camera to your phone wherever you are, locate your vehicle, and receive real-time alerts in case of a collision, a parking incident or a break-in.


How does Nexar provide its connectivity?

Nexar Connect is powered by a sim card that operates on multiple carrier networks including ATT, Verizon and T-Mobile and will choose the carrier network based on location and signal strength.


Can I receive Nexar One live alerts without a +Connectivity add-on and subscription?

No. Live alerts, vehicle location tracking and remote streaming require the +Connectivity add-on and an active Nexar Connect plan.


How does the camera work while the car is off?

When an impact is detected, the Nexar One is instantly activated and begins recording. With the +Connectivity add-on and the Nexar Connect subscription plan, you can receive live alerts and watch what’s going on remotely.


How much does it cost to get the live alerts with a Nexar Connect subscription?

The Nexar Connect subscription costs $9.99/mo and requires the +Connectivity add-on. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. Your subscription will be canceled from your next billing cycle.


Is Nexar One compatible with my phone?

The Nexar app is compatible with all iPhones (models 7 and above) and top Android phones. See the list of compatible devices.


Can I use my current Nexar dash cam as a rear camera?

Yes, this feature is coming soon and you will be notified once this is available. You can also see a portion of the rear from the internal camera.


It gets very hot (or cold) where I live, can the Nexar Ones stand that heat?

Yes, Nexar One was designed to operate in extreme temperatures and can withstand temperatures from 14° to 140°F (-10° to 60°C ).


Can I upgrade my dash cam’s internal memory if I need more space?

No, the internal memory can’t be reconfigured and is set once you configure the dash cam you purchase. If you’d like to record your drives in 4K quality we recommend choosing a high memory capacity.


I don’t want to leave my Nexar One dash cam in my car, can I take it out?

Yes, Nexar One is made to easily detach and reattach to your car. It has a magnetic mounting strip that makes the process simple.



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