Nexar One’s 4K Resolution

With 4K resolution and our best technology, you can drive protected. Recording angles of 140° outside and 160° inside, Nexar One sees it all. Even when it's too bright, or at night, you always see exactly what's going on.

Recording 4K videos

4K Resolution produces Ultra-High Definition videos that allow you to see the smallest details such as license plate numbers, day or night, which is critical if you need evidence in case of incidents and even beautiful sunset. 


Set up 4K recording quality

By default, the Nexar One dashcam records and streams video to your phone in Full HD, 1080P. If you want to configure your camera to record footage in 4K quality, please perform the following steps: 

  1. Connect your dashcam to a power source and enable Bluetooth
  2. Open your Nexar app and wait until the dashcam connects to your phone
  3. Go to More > Dashcam > Recording quality > toggle on 4K 
  4. From your next drive, the dashcam will automatically record to the SD card in 4K

Please note, that recording at 4K resolution will use 4 times as much storage on your dashcam. Recording 1 minute of video at 1080P uses 100MB of storage while the same clip at 4K uses about 300MB of storage.

Additionally, the 4K quality configuration downgrades the video streaming (caching) quality to 720P. 1080P quality will keep the video streaming (caching) quality at 1080P as well (Recommended) 


Viewing 4K videos

In case you configured your dashcam to record in 4K quality, the footage will be saved on the dashcam’s internal memory. To retrieve 4K video, you will need to create a clip while you are nearby and connected to the dashcam’s network over WiFi and Bluetooth. Follow the steps below to create a 4K clip:

  1. Connect your dashcam to a power source
  2. The blue led indicator light should be solid
  3. Make sure your WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled
  4. Open the Nexar app and pick the relevant drive
  5. Press the Save to cloud button, 4K label will be shown
  6. Trim and save the clip

After clicking the Save clip button, you will be directed to the Videos tab, and see the progress of the video file transfer. Wait until the video file transfer is complete before you can watch the video. 

When the video was successfully transferred to your app, you will be able to see it as a clip in your videos’ timeline.

Having trouble? Contact support via the in-app chat in More > Help > Contact Us.

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