Signing Up & Navigating The Nexar App

Welcome to Nexar! Here's an easy guide for signing up and getting a quick view of what's inside the Nexar app 

 Before you proceed

The app is exclusively intended for individual consumer use with Nexar dash cams. If your Nexar dash cam is under Nexar Fleet Solution, click here.

Sign up to the Nexar app

  1. Download the Nexar app
    iconapp-store.png App Store iconplaystore.png Play Store
  2. Enter your Full Name, Country Code + Phone Number, and Email address.
  3. Tap Continue.
  4. Type the SMS verification code that will be sent to the phone number you entered and make sure you haven’t missed a digit. 

To log in, enter your phone number, including your country code and you’ll get a confirmation code via SMS. 

Once you are in the app, simply follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Nexar dash cam.

Having trouble logging in?

Check our help guides below in case you encounter any problems.

I didn't get the verification code
  1. Make sure you’re in a location with good cellular service as the verification code will be sent via SMS message.
  2. If you have VPN or antivirus software enabled on your phone, it may interfere with the message containing your SMS Verification Code. Make sure to disable them while we send you the text message.
  3. Make sure your cellular service provider is not blocking short codes from Nexar. If they are, please ask them to unblock it for you. This will ensure you will get SMS Verification Codes from Nexar whenever you need to log in to the app.

If the issue persists, please contact our support team.

I received the verification code but it's saying it's not valid
  1. Check the verification code you entered and make sure all the digits are correct.
  2. Request a new verification code from the app.
  3. Try logging in again using the new code. 
  4. Note that the SMS Verification Code expires 5 minutes after it is requested. It’s best to enter the code as soon as it is received.

If the issue persists, please contact our support team.


Navigating the Nexar App

Home screen



About Home screen

The Home screen is the main page of the Nexar app. It is the first screen you will see after logging into the app. It includes the map where you can see where your and your car's location and re-center to where it is. The status bar indicates whether your dash cam is recording or parked, and the tabs menu allows you to navigate between the home screen (Drive tab), settings (More), and your videos feed (Videos).


The Map

When entering the Nexar app, the map will display the last known location of your dash cam. In cases where the user owns more than one dash cam, they will all be shown on the map with their location. The map will zoom in to the location of the selected dash cam or any other location double-tapped on the map and re-center itself by clicking the floating location icon at the top right corner of the map. While driving, the map view will follow the selected dash cam’s route, centered in the middle of the screen.  


Last saved parking spot

If you are using an iOS device, you are able to view the last location where the app was connected to your dash cam. In other words, your last saved parking spot. A single tap on your dash cam’s location indicator opens the  Last seen location tooltip, a second tap on the tooltip opens a video of your last saved parking. 



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Stream Button

The Stream button will be shown when you are connected to the dash cam, over WiFi and Bluetooth, so make sure they are enabled. If WiFi and Bluetooth are not enabled, this button will be grayed out.

Clicking the Stream button allows viewing your dash cam streaming during a drive. Note that the dash cam is still recording even if you don’t click the Stream button. The Stream button will also be grayed out while your drives are being transferred from the dash cam to your phone (since video files are transferred over WiFi). 

In order to enjoy a full streaming experience, the Nexar app requires the below permissions:

For iPhones - Bluetooth, WiFi, and background app refresh should be enabled. 

For Android - Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and Location permission should be set to Allow all the time. Click here to learn more about streaming issues.


Dash cam status bar

The status bar indicates the dash cam model and the connectivity state.

 The Nexar One model has two status bar states: 

  • Parked - when you are not connected to the camera over Bluetooth
  • Recording - when you are connected to the camera over Bluetooth

When the status is Parked, the Live button will be shown, allowing you to view the dash cam stream remotely. If the status is Recording, the Stream button will be displayed, enabling you to stream directly from the dash cam during a drive. 

All other dash cam models have two different states: 

  • Detected - connected to the dash cam over Bluetooth
  • Not detected - not connected to the dash cam over Bluetooth

When the status is Not detected, the Stream button will be disabled, since the dash cam was not detected by the app. If the status is Detected the Stream button will be enabled, allowing you to stream directly from the dash cam during a drive.


See how it looks on Android:


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Videos Tab

The Videos tab is your dash cam’s video library. Full drives, Clips, and incidents captured automatically by the dash cam will be displayed in one feed. 


About the videos tab

Your drives and clips will be saved and displayed on the Videos tab. The Timeline will be organized in chronological order, showing your latest drive at the top, including clips labeled by their type. By entering a card, you can easily play, save and share important moments with your loved ones. 


Clips and Drive Cards

When completing a drive with your Nexar dash cam, your video will be saved on the Videos tab as well as the dash cam’s SD card (internal memory). 

To view new drives on your timeline, make sure that your Bluetooth is enabled to detect your dash cam, and WIFI is on for streaming videos directly from your dash cam to your Nexar app, so you can review them after you end your drive.

Clips are short videos you have decided to save manually or captured automatically by the dash cam. Manual clips will be labeled as CLIP in your timeline, while incidents your dash cam detected automatically are labeled by the incident type: Hard brake, Parking, Collision, and more. 

Clips that are manually created from a drive will be associated with the relevant drive card with a connector. These are backed up on your Cloud account permanently unless you choose to delete them manually. 

To make room for new drives, old drives will be deleted as the storage you have allocated for the Nexar app has ended.


Bulk delete

We understand that sometimes you don’t need all the drives that appear in your Timeline. We’ve made it simple for you to delete drives and clips manually. 

  • Connect your phone to the internet via cellular data or WIFI.
  • Tap Select from the upper right corner in the Videos tab and select the videos you want to delete.
    • You can also select by date or by simply tapping Select all on the upper left corner.
  • Next, tap Delete. 

NOTE: Deleting videos from the Nexar app will also delete them from the Nexar Cloud permanently and can never be retrieved anymore, so be careful when deleting clips.

Videos saved to your phone are normally deleted automatically by the Nexar app’s loop recording mechanism. If you wish to keep a recording of your drive in the Nexar Cloud (not the app), then we recommend not manually deleting the clip.  

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Settings Screen

The Settings screen in the Nexar app lets you change how your app and dash cam behave, record, and store videos and gives you the flexibility to choose which features or settings should be used.


About Settings

We want you to be able to configure the settings on your Nexar app seamlessly. You can do this by tapping on the More tab. Here you can configure your Nexar app profile, account, and dash cam settings. 


Profile Settings

Here, you can edit your personal account information. Additionally, you will be able to review your monthly statistics - kilometers driven, hours driven and number of drives and clips.

In case of a collision, the Nexar app can help provide video and sensor evidence to your insurance company, in one click.

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Account Settings

Here, you can manage your account and phone related issues. 

Phone storage - Customize how much phone space you want to allow Nexar to use to save Drives and Clips you trim from your Drives. When the allocated space is used up, old recordings are automatically deleted by the app to save new ones.


This screen shows how much phone storage has been used by the app. Nexar cloud storage is unlimited so you can always go back to your videos anytime.

Siri Shortcuts - iOS users can pre-set a list of Siri shortcuts to be used on the Nexar app, each triggering a different action. Siri commands offered by the Nexar app are:

  • Create a Nexar clip - Trims a 20-second clip while the drive is ongoing
  • Send a video message (except Nexar One) - Trims a short Clip and shares them online
  • Where did I park (all dash cams) - shows the last parking location
  • I’m being pulled over (Nexar One only) - this will send an SMS to all your defined emergency contacts, with a link to your drive stream.


Emergency contacts - this option is available only on Nexar One. In case of a collision, you can select contacts you wish to be notified of,  as emergency contact. They will receive an SMS alert with a live stream from your camera, as well as your car’s location, and a way to contact you. You can always cancel the alert before it is sent out.

Add an emergency contact by clicking on the “+ Add a contact” icon and follow the steps. .Remove an emergency contact by clicking on the trash icon next to the contact’s name.

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Dash Cam Settings

Here you can manage your camera settings. 

Dash cam - choose how you want your Nexar One dash cam to appear in the Drive tab when you connect your phone.

Status - indicates whether or not your phone is connected to your dash cam’s Bluetooth.



Record audio - set whether you wish to automatically record the audio during playback.

Automatically start streaming - configure whether you wish your phone to automatically stream your drives to your phone, so you can easily access them at a later stage.

Continuous power outlet - enable this in case your car’s outlet provides power even when turned off.

Dash cam sounds - allows you to toggle the sounds generated by the dash cam when it turns on or off.


Available only for Nexar One model:

Recording quality - configure your dash cam recording quality between 1080p and 4K.

Record speed - configure whether to display speed data next to the timestamp located at the bottom of the video screen. Make sure you are connected to Bluetooth. 

Parking mode - configure whether your dash cam will record a short clip, and alert you, when something happens while your car is parked.


Dash cam

Update firmware - check for dash cam updates. Be sure to always be on the latest Firmware in order to have the best Nexar experience.

On iOS - Pair a different dash cam - allows you to unpair the current dash cam you are connected to, and pair a different camera. 


Available only for Nexar One model:

Invite users - allows you to “share” your dash cam with others, so they can drive with your Nexar One and enjoy its full experience.

Mount dash cam - shows a live preview from your dash cam, and instructs on how to properly set up the dash cam in your car.

Reset dash cam - lets you restore the default settings of your Nexar app and dash cam.



Here you can contact support, learn more about Nexar app and dash cam, and understand which Nexar app version is used. 

  • FAQ - to visit our knowledge center
  • Contact Us - to reach out to our support team
  • Version - indicates the app version you are currently using

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