Mounting your Nexar One

Learn how to setup your Nexar One dash cam in your car.

If you are unsure where and how you should stick your dash cam, see our suggestions below:

  • For road view cameras, behind and to the right of your rearview mirror works best. If you have a Nexar dash cam with a cabin view camera, it’s better to stick it on the passenger seat side, in a place where it will have a good point of view inside the car.
  • Wherever you choose to stick the camera, make sure to install it in a place where it will not interfere with the driver’s visibility or safety. 
  • Do not install the camera on or near where airbags may be present or go off. If you are uncertain of where your vehicle’s airbags are located, contact your vehicle’s manufacturer. 
  • In order to prevent damage, do not install the camera on a sun control film (i.e. window tint). 


Installing the Nexar One Add-ons

If you have purchased add-ons for your Nexar One dash cam, you will need to attach them to the main unit.

To install the add-ons: 

  1. Remove the lids on both sides of the main unit. Attach the cabin view camera and +Connectivity add-on
    We recommend attaching the +Connectivity add-on to the driver side of the dash cam and the cabin view camera on the passenger side.
  2. Wait for the dash cam to reboot
  3. When it recognizes the add-ons, the blinking white light on the main camera will turn blue, blink twice, and then turn solid white
  4. The Nexar app will show the dash cam’s previews


Attaching the dash cam to the windshield

  1. Move to the front passenger seat of your vehicle.
  2. Check Nexar App to see that you have a full, clear view of the road and interior cabin (if applicable).
  3. Clean the windshield area where you decide to stick the mount.
  4. Remove the protective film from the camera lens and mount the dash cam..
  5. Adjust the camera angle, making sure the camera is horizontal and not blocked by anything.
  6. Gently but firmly stick the dash cam to the windshield.



Hiding the cable

Driving with a cable dangling is unpleasant, but there’s a simple solution.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sit in the passenger seat and with one hand, gently pull down the edge of the ceiling fabric where it meets the sides of the windshield.
  2. With your other hand, use two fingers or the installation tool to tuck the cable under the ceiling fabric. You can also use the cable clips to attach the cable around the windshield instead.
  3. Open the passenger-side door and insert the cable into the door’s seal from top to bottom.
  4. Bring the cable behind the glove compartment.
  5. Lay the remaining cable under the passenger-side floor mat.
  6. Bring the cable as close to the power socket as possible, and connect the cable to the USB charger provided in the kit.

Please make sure that you are using all the original accessories (cable, mount, and cigarette lighter adapter) provided with your Nexar dash cam. This will ensure the camera is supplied with enough power to operate properly.


Watch this video to know how to install your Nexar One dash cam from start to finish.


Still having trouble? Contact support via the in-app chat in More > Help > Contact Us.

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