Siri Shortcuts

Want to enhance your Nexar experience by using Siri? Read on to learn about the unique services Siri provides.

Access the Nexar network without even opening the app. Turn on Siri integration by navigating in the Nexar app to More > Settings > Set up Siri.

Here are some cool Nexar features you can activate with Siri. These commands are fully customizable so you can choose ones you are more comfortable using.

Create a Nexar Clip

If something happens on the road that you would like to capture, simply say, "Hey Siri, capture this moment" during your drive, and the Nexar One will save the clip.

See how it works:

Send a video message

The Nexar app will automatically give you the option to create and share a short clip of any moment you deem shareable. 

Say, “Hey, Siri, send a video message” while driving with the Nexar app open to create a clip from your current drive and share it online right after.

Where did I park?

If you have the +Connectivity (LTE add-on) and you’ve forgotten where you parked, ask Siri, “Hey Siri, where’s my car?” to view the last seconds of your recent drive, alongside a map directing you to it.

I’m being pulled over

Your Nexar One dash cam must have a +Connectivity that has an active Nexar Connect subscription to use this feature. When you tell Siri that you’re being pulled over by authorities, the app will do the following automatically: 

  • Start streaming to your Nexar app
  • Send an SMS alert to your emergency contacts with a link to the live stream
  • The live stream will record and play for up to 20 minutes or until you stop the stream (by tapping the Stop emergency streaming button)
  • If you have a cabin view camera attached to your Nexar One dash cam, viewers can toggle between road and cabin view while they watch the live stream (Coming soon)

You can go to the Nexar app > More > Settings > Account > Siri shortcuts to customize all Siri commands.

Having trouble? Contact support via the in-app chat in More > Help > Contact Us

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