Videos tab

The Videos tab is your dash cam’s video library. Full drives, Clips, and incidents captured automatically by the dash cam will be displayed in one feed. 

About the videos tab

Your drives and clips will be saved and displayed on the Videos tab. The Timeline will be organized in chronological order, showing your latest drive at the top, including clips labeled by their type. By entering a card, you can easily play, save and share important moments with your loved ones. 


Clips and Drive Cards

When completing a drive with your Nexar dash cam, your video will be saved on the Videos tab as well as the dash cam’s SD card (internal memory). 

To view new drives on your timeline, make sure that your Bluetooth is enabled to detect your dashcam, and WiFi is on for streaming videos directly from your dash cam to your Nexar app, so you can review them after you end your drive.

Clips are short videos you have decided to save manually or captured automatically by the dashcam. Manual clips will be labeled as CLIP in your timeline, while incidents your dashcam detected automatically are labeled by the incident type: Hard brake, Parking, Collision, and more. 

Clips that are manually created from a drive will be associated with the relevant drive card with a connector. These are backed up on your Cloud account permanently unless you choose to delete them manually. 

To make room for new drives, old drives will be deleted as the storage you have allocated for the Nexar app has ended.


Bulk delete

We understand that sometimes you don’t need all the drives that appear in your Timeline. We’ve made it simple for you to delete drives and clips manually. 

  • Connect your phone to the internet via cellular data or WiFi.
  • Tap Select from the upper right corner in the Videos tab and select the videos you want to delete.
    • You can also select by date or by simply tapping Select all on the upper left corner.
  • Next, tap Delete. 

NOTE: Deleting videos from the Nexar app will also delete them from the Nexar Cloud permanently and can never be retrieved anymore, so be careful when deleting clips.

Videos saved to your phone are normally deleted automatically by the Nexar app’s loop recording mechanism. If you wish to keep a recording of your drive in the Nexar Cloud (not the app), then we recommend not manually deleting the clip.  


Frequently asked questions

New drives and clips are not added to my timeline, what should I do?

Several reasons could potentially cause your new drives to be missing from your Videos tab. Follow the steps below and try again:

  • Make sure you have good cellular reception
  • Verify your dashcam is connected to a power source
  • Make sure your Bluetooth and WiFi are enabled
  • Open the app and start a new ride from the Drive tab 
  • End the ride and switch back to the Videos tab
  • Refresh your videos feed by pulling the screen down and check if the new drive was added to your Videos feed

New drives are still missing? Contact support at


Why can’t I see the drive or clip card thumbnail? 

Your video cards thumbnails are being transferred to your phone over WiFi. In case you were not connected to the dashcam’s WiFi network during the drive, thumbnails may be missing. Before your next drive, verify that your Bluetooth and WiFi are enabled. In case thumbnails are still missing, reach out to our support team via the in-app chat.


Why I’m getting an error when trying to delete drives from my timeline?

To delete clips from your Nexar account, you need to make sure you have good cellular reception. If you are connected to the internet but still getting deletion errors, reach out to our support team via the in-app chat.

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