Home screen

With the Nexar app, you can easily track where your dashcam is located as well as understand if your dashcam is connected to your phone. 

About Homescreen

The Homescreen is the main page of the Nexar app. It is the first screen you will see after logging into the app. It includes the map, navigation bar (on iOS), and where your car is, whether driving or parked. The status bar indicates whether your dashcam is recording or parked, and the tabs menu allows you to navigate between the home screen (Drive tab), settings (More), and your videos feed (Videos).


The Map

When entering the Nexar app, the map will display the last known location of your dashcam. In cases where the user owns more than one dashcam, they will all be shown on the map with their location. The map will zoom in to the location of the selected dashcam or any other location double-tapped on the map and re-center itself by clicking the floating location icon at the top right corner of the map. While driving, the map view will follow the selected dashcam’s route, centered in the middle of the screen.  


Stream your drive

The Stream button will be shown when you are connected to the dashcam, over WiFi and Bluetooth, so make sure they are enabled. If WiFi and Bluetooth are not enabled, this button will be grayed out.

Clicking the Stream button allows viewing your dashcam streaming during a drive. Note that the dashcam is still recording even if you don’t click the Stream button. The Stream button will also be grayed out while your drives are being transferred from the dashcam to your phone (since video files are transferred over WiFi). 

In order to enjoy a full streaming experience, the Nexar app requires the below permissions:

For iPhones - Bluetooth, WiFi, and background app refresh should be enabled. 

For Android - Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and Location permission should be set to Allow all the time. Click here to learn more about streaming issues.


Dashcam status bar

The status bar indicates the dashcam model and the connectivity state.

 The Nexar One model has two status bar states: 

  • Parked - when you are not connected to the camera over Bluetooth
  • Recording - when you are connected to the camera over Bluetooth

When the status is Parked, the Live button will be shown, allowing you to view the dashcam stream remotely. If the status is Recording, the Stream button will be displayed, enabling you to stream directly from the dashcam during a drive. 

All other dashcam models have two different states: 

  • Detected - connected to the dashcam over Bluetooth
  • Not detected - not connected to the dashcam over Bluetooth

When the status is Not detected, the Stream button will be disabled, since the dashcam was not detected by the app. If the status is Detected the Stream button will be enabled, allowing you to stream directly from the dashcam during a drive.


See how it looks on Android:


Last saved parking spot

If you are using an iOS device, you are able to view the last location where the app was connected to your dashcam. In other words, your last saved parking spot. A single tap on your dashcam’s location indicator opens the  Last seen location tooltip, a second tap on the tooltip opens a video of your last saved parking. 


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