Settings screen

The Settings screen in the Nexar app lets you make changes on how your app and dash cam behaves, records, and stores videos. It also gives you the flexibility to choose which features or settings should be used.

About Settings

We want you to be able to configure the settings on your Nexar app seamlessly. You can do this by tapping on the More tab. Here you can configure your Nexar app profile, account, and dash cam settings. 


Profile Settings

Here, you can edit your personal account information. Additionally, you will be able to review your monthly statistics - kilometers driven, hours driven and number of drives and clips.

In case of a collision, the Nexar app can help provide video and sensor evidence to your insurance company, in one click.


Account Settings

Here, you can manage your account and phone related issues. 

Phone storage - Nexar uses your preferred storage space to save the clips you create from your drives, and then uploads them to the Nexar Cloud. When the allocated space is used up, old drives are being deleted, making space for new ones.


Here, you can see the space reserved for Nexar videos, and the hours available for those videos. You can also see the phone/cloud storage used and available, and manage the amount of storage to be used,

Siri Shortcuts - iOS users can pre-set a list of Siri shortcuts to be used on the Nexar app, each triggering a different action. Siri commands offered by the Nexar app are:

  • Start a drive, End a drive, Send a video message (not on Nexar One)
  • Create a Nexar clip, Where did I park (all models)
  • I’m being pulled over (Only Nexar One model) - this will send an SMS to all your defined emergency contacts, with a link to your drive stream.


Emergency contacts - this option is available only on the Nexar One model. In case of a collision, you can select contacts you wish to be notified of,  as emergency contact. They will receive an SMS alert with a live stream from your camera, as well as your car’s location, and a way to contact you. You can always cancel the alert before it is sent out.

Add an emergency contact by clicking on the “+ Add a contact” icon and follow the steps. .Remove an emergency contact by clicking on the trash icon next to the contact’s name.


Dash cam Settings

Here you can manage your camera settings. 

Dash cam - choose how you want your Nexar One dash cam to appear in the Drive tab when you connect your phone.

Status - indicates whether or not your phone is connected to your dash cam’s Bluetooth.



Record audio - set whether you wish to automatically record the audio during playback.

Automatically start streaming - configure whether you wish your phone to automatically stream your drives to your phone, so you can easily access them at a later stage.

Continuous power outlet - enable this in case your car’s outlet provides power even when turned off.

Dash cam sounds - allows you to toggle the sounds generated by the dashcam when it turns on or off.


Available only for Nexar One model:

Recording quality - configure your dashcam recording quality between 1080p and 4K.

Record speed - configure whether to display speed data next to the timestamp located at the bottom of the video screen. Make sure you are connected to Bluetooth. 

Parking mode - configure whether your dashcam will record a short clip, and alert you, when something happens while your car is parked.


Dash cam

Update firmware - check for dashcam updates. Be sure to always be on the latest Firmware in order to have the best Nexar experience.

On iOS - Pair a different dash cam - allows you to unpair the current dashcam you are connected to, and pair a different camera. 


Available only for Nexar One model:

Invite users - allows you to “share” your dashcam with others, so they can drive with your Nexar One and enjoy its full experience.

Mount dash cam - shows a live preview from your dashcam, and instructs on how to properly set up the dashcam in your car.

Reset dash cam - lets you restore the default settings of your Nexar app and dashcam.


Not the owner? 

In case you were invited to use someone else’s dashcam, some of the settings will be disabled for you. However, you can still change the following settings:

  • Dash cam’s name
  • Automatically start streaming
  • Continuous power outlet
  • Mount dash cam
  • Unpair dash cam



Here you can contact support, learn more about Nexar app and dashcam, and understand which Nexar app version is used. 

  • FAQ - to visit our knowledge center
  • Contact Us - to reach out to our support team

Version - indicates the app version you are currently using



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